A collection of short stories relating a few of Indiana Jones’s untold adventures.


Instruments of Chaos

starring Young Indiana Jones

(coming soon)

based on the Sega Genesis game (c)1994 Sega/(c)1994 Lucasfilm


The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Continue

Melbourne, 1910

Princeton, Early May 1905

LeHavre, June 1916

Princeton, Late May 1905 (coming soon)


Find Your Fate Adventures

Each multiple-path, interactive story rewritten into a cohesive adventure

The Lost Treasure of Sheba (coming soon)

The Eye of the Fates (coming soon)

The Dragon of Vengeance (coming soon)


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LeHavre, June 1916

“I don’t think you can put this off any longer, Henry.” Indiana Jones looked across the table at his accountant. Despite the restaurant’s pleasant atmosphere and the people laughing and talking at tables all around them, the accountant looked serious. “The IRS is still disallowing these expenses and—” “But they’re all business expenses!” Indy interrupted, … Continue reading LeHavre, June 1916

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